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Please enter here you want to convert word or a sentence... Rui east hospital efforts to safeguard the patient privacy. This policy applies to this web site, this includes online booking and check-up report inquiry system user’s privacy. Through the website, online booking and medical related material, only can be used for the purpose of the mentioned collection, or directly help you make an appointment or inquiry. Your personal data will be treated in confidence, without your consent, we will not be disclosed to any third party. But in the law requires, rui east hospital may disclose your personal information. This privacy policy statement if there is any change, will be released in the day when come into effect.


Please enter here you want to convert word or a sentence... Rui east hospital web site all information and content can only be used for general information, education and reference, not as a professional medical with. If you have any health problems, medical condition, nursing issues, should consult your doctor or health care workers. 

Although our efforts to ensure that the web site all material and content of accurate and timely, this web site in order to facilitate the pure computer user to use, but we do not make any guarantee. Web site all material and content may change at any time without notice.

This website may link to other the content of the site, service, goods and advertising, this is not the red east hospital maintenance or controllers, therefore, red east hospital this web site may link to other sites, services and products supply, and its content or its accuracy, is not responsible for.

Please enter here you want to convert word or a sentence... Online booking system for patients in red east hospital for medical service of the appointment. Fill in and submit your online booking form does not guarantee your appointment time. Rui east hospital staff will process your application, and by E-mail, telephone or SMS will contact you make an appointment results, or just the date and time of the appointment of any changes to contact you. Rui east hospital through this online system to make an appointment to get it for any consequences caused by, shall not be responsible for. In this website to submit application for appointment only for scheduling purposes. Submit your online booking form said you agree that by this website about online booking system disclaimer constraint. 

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